As well as professional entertainment and workshops, Pirateman has done his fair share of busking and street theatre projects. These are his best/most unique which can be hired for festivals, either to be hired as a part of a festival OR as a busking project where patrons pay to interact with the stalls.

Human ARRRcade

Human ARRRcade needs to be experienced to be understood. In brief, it’s an interactive puppet show where viewers become “players”. With assistance from 3D glasses, video game controllers and a treasure chest full of puppets/toys, the player/s determine what happens “on screen”. It’s just like a video game in an arcade  from the 80’s and 90’s!

Pirateman gives prompts and sometimes tickets/prizes to the best players along with a high score board for players to write down their scores. Perfect for an alternative and interactive children’s entertainment option for your next festival, school fete, community gathering or private party as it gets kids away from their smart phones and other electrical devices by making them a physical representation of reality. Adults love the nostalgia value of Human ARRRcade too and love to have a go playing with their kids, their best mates or by themselves.

A highlight of the street performers was Michael “Pirateman” Speranza’s live human video arcade, which kept the kids coming back for more and more” – Nina Smith, Avon Valley Advocate (Review of Nannup Music Festival 2014).

Galaxy Glowbox

Like the Human ARRRcade, but more a visual display of LED circus spinning, juggling, contact juggling, “Magic Thumbs” and other enlightening surprises. Currently in the works onboard Pirateman’s ship, the Galaxy Glowbox resembles an olden style Jukebox where patrons choose the music being played. However, by choosing a genre of music, the patrons also choose what colour lights are being spun and  potentially what medium/prop the Intergalactic Space Crusader is spinning/using and the style that he performs to the music genre.