Kids parties


Go on the greatest voyage with Pirateman and learn about finding the secret treasures of adventure, imagination and junk! With pirate art/craft workshops, interactive storytelling shows, inclusive pirate themed games promoting teamwork and more surprises! Pirateman goes above and beyond the horizon to provide the most unique and special experiences for your child’s big day. Party packs can include:

  1. Classic Pirate Party: Pirateman’s best party planIncludes an interactive storytelling adventure (3PA), a pirate craft activity (Treasure map making) and some inclusive pirate party games. Recommended for ages 4 to 7
  2. Treasure Hunting Party: An interactive treasure hunt where kids must make their treasure box  (Trash to Treasure Chest) before they even begin! With take home goodies for the kids finished off with some inclusive pirate party games, this is one for those with big imaginations. Recommended for ages 6 to 9
  3. Pirate Circus Party: A circus workshop tailored for hyped up kids to burn all their energy! Acrobatic obstacles and play/learn some basic circus skills with hoops, devil sticks, diablos, juggling and other circus tools along with team building drills. Recommended for all ages including teenagers.
  4. Aftarrr Dark: Stay up past dark with Pirateman! Includes a pirate craft activity (Will-o-the-Wisp lantern making), an interactive treasure hunt using the Wisp lanterns and some games. This special party also includes an LED Glow Show for the kids including some circus skills and flashing light tricks. Recommended for ages 8+

Find out all the games and party plan details or Contact Pirateman for more information.

You were a hit at the party yesterday.  Everyone said they had a great time.  Thank you!” – Donna’s reaction after a special 59th children’s birthday party for her husband.

Michael put on a fantastic show – made the evening one the kids and adults will remember for a long time!” – Mr Booth after his daughter Sophia had a special pirate party and fire show with Pirateman

Not only are you highly entertaining – you are just so damn loveable” – Kim from the Earth Angels and their fundraiser event.