Live stream


Now live on every Tuesday, Thursday and Friday night. You can find Michael, or as he is known on “The Atmospheric Pirateman“, spinning, juggling and manipulating each of these nights with glow and fire circus props!

Being affiliated means you can also show your support by send donations or by subscribing to his channel. The days, program and time (AWST which is UTC + 8 hours) for Michael’s live streams on twitch are:

Visual Poi Tuesday 7pm AWST: Every Tuesday Michael performs a new Visual Poi routine to a song chosen by the twitch audience. He will draw out of his hat for next weeks performance and spend the week programming and rehearsing.

Glow Thursday 7pm AWST: General glow circus practice. Request what you’d like to see used along with what colour lights you would like to see.

Fire Friday 8pm AWST: Fire spinning every Friday, because amazing alliterations are awesome! Request what fire prop you’d like to see and save up your channel points to request Gold Flow sparkle effects.