Upcycling Pirate Art/Craft Workshops: A favourite for festivals, incursions and community gatherings! It’s one of Pirateman’s many specialties and also what he is best known for! Click here to receive the workshops document.

Pirateman will run a crash course in how to do some special creative craft activities for the kids wanting to be pirates. A Pirate workshop can be anything from:

A workshop can be just the art/craft activity on it’s own which is best suited for an festival or a shopping center. Both of which Pirateman has offered his workshops to. Thanks to the Eco Faeries, Pirateman promotes up-cycling and re-using old materials. The idea that “treasure” is anything that is precious or valuable to us, even the very things that surround us everyday is a big part in each workshop.

Circus Skills WorkshopsKids ask “HOW DO YOU DO THAT” or “Can I have a go” all the time.

Grant Stainer Photography

With circus workshops, children are shown exactly how to do the things Pirateman does when it comes to ground based circus like twirling staff/poi, juggling, hula hooping and more in a fun and interactive way. Circus workshop can be treated as a class or free styled in an open space for a period of time at an event or festival.

Pirateman teaches kids during school hours as a part of various school programs and homeschool groups alongside CirQuest Circus School and after school for the City of Joondalup. Circus workshops are great for festivals or after school activities and can include warm-ups, games and team exercises for all participants. Best suited for kids aged 5-8, 9-12 and 13-15.