Specialises in theatrical circus, flow art and cabaret performances primarily suiting a nautical theme or fantasy concept, Atmospheric Artistries provides engaging shows where audiences can laugh, feel inspired and be taken on a voyage without having to leave their seats.

On the helm of Atmospheric Artistries is an outlandish vagabond from another world…  Pirateman Michael. Pirateman is notoriously seen throughout Perth regularly appearing at festivals, cabaret shows and community/corporate events. Pirateman performs across Western Australia from Esperance to Exmouth, Kununurra to Kalgoorlie and quite literally everywhere in between!

In 2017 Pirateman performed at the Adelaide Fringe Festival in 2017 gaining a 4 star rating for his kids show “ARRR” is for Adventure. Pirateman performed internationally at the 2016 London Burlesque Festival and in 2013 across the USA visiting FaerieWorlds, Oregon Country Fair and BurningMan. From entertaining children to taking the breath away from adults at a corporate event, Pirateman is an individual who can bring you the finest treasure trove of trinkets and talents! Here are just a few of the shows and services Atmospheric Artistries can provide:

    • “ARRR” is for Adventure: A non verbal pirate adventure circus show full of laughs, tricks, puppets and ARRR’S for the whole family. Full 45 minute show or condensed 20 minute show.
    • Roving entertainment: A range of wandering talents and tricks as different roving characters. Contact juggling, Buugeng, toroflux, club/ball juggling, Octo-poi, story cubes, shape shifting hermit crabs… what arrr all these doohickey’s? There is only one way to find out, see them live in action!
    • Fire performances: The extravagant and exhilarating display of skill, danger and silliness! A progressive fire show including fire contact juggling, fire illusions and mighty flaming swords just to name a few tools!
    • LED Performances: A hypnotic and mesmerising light show including Buugeng, twin staff, poi manipulation as well as a bit of LED juggling and magic.
    • Participatory Pirate Puppet Adventure (3PA): An interactive story telling show for kids 4-8 years old. Discover the secret treasure of adventure with only our sense to guide us and some help from our puppet friends. 20-30 minute show
    • Kids Pirate Parties: Go on a voyage with ‘Pirateman’ and learn all about finding treasure. With workshops, story telling/puppetry, fun pirate games and more surprises, Pirateman will turn your child into a swash buckling buccaneer in a matter of moments!
    • Cabaret acts: 3-5 minute acts ranging from fire, contact juggling, LED twirling and boylesque! For corporate events, Fringe related festivals and mature/adult audiences.
    • Pirate Art/Craft workshops: Take home upcycling craft for the kids. Ranging from treasure map making, turning trash into treasure chests and more fantasy based themes. Children learn the values of how one mans trash is another pirate’s treasure!